Captain George Brady’s military career was cut short due to mental health issues. Like so many other Veterans, losing friends or patching them up really took a toll on him. He served in 3/75 Ranger Regt, then later reclassified to Civil Affairs, where he was assigned to a SFOD-A. After exiting the military, he spent years at the VA going through multiple types of therapy and medications. It wasn’t until 2016, when a friend took him out fishing, that it changed his life. Being out in the water was therapy. From that day on he tried to be out on the water as much as possible. Slowly, he went less frequently to the VA and eventually was able to be medication free. Then in 2018, George and his wife Ashley decided to put a plan in action. The plan was to purchase a boat, start a Veterans organization, and aid in as many Veteran recoveries as possible. From this plan, Right Side Fishing was born.